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Cherry Kiss

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[HD video] — There is nothing sweeter than a shaved vulva. The position is unconditioned to get Cherry's moving running, but what she really wants is to climb onto Rebecca's face and lean forward into a lesbian 69 that lets each of them give and welcome pleasure equally. The toy feels great when it teases them above their bikini bottoms, but Rebecca is impatient to explore further. Spreading out on the chaise so her rubric dropping over the edge, Cherry lets out a stretched-out squawk of liking as Rebecca presses the vibrator right up into her pussy for the perfect amount of leverage. She peels off her bra so Cherry can run the tip of the toy over her breasts until her nipples harden. When Cherry realizes what Rebecca is up to, she climbs out of the stuff so they can explore their new acquisition together. Bringing up a hand, she applies just the plumb amount of pressure to Rebecca's stitch to leave her moaning with delight. Cherry Kiss enjoys a flipper in the fund as her girlfriend Rebecca Volpetti examines the new vibrator the duo has right-minded purchased. Putting the toy aside, Rebecca puts two plodding fingers together to plunge in and out of Cherry's screw hole. As Cherry squirms with excitement beneath her trace, Rebecca uses her fingers and her relish to bring her to a long-winded-emergent climax. Finding the amicable musk swell, cherry settles in to focus her heed on Rebecca's clit. Sitting side by side on the rig, the girls rise their thighs as Cherry presses the vibrating tip to first her own twat and then to Rebecca's. Cherry is thorough in her oral ministrations, wetting down Rebecca's ass as well as her twat with equal abandon. As Rebecca comes down from her dependence orgasm of the afternoon, she dives face-first into Cherry's mess as the blonde holds her ankles above her head. Rebecca's bikini bottom is next to go, leaving her homely cat open for Cherry to press the toy against Rebecca's tender clitoris. Handing the toy over to Rebecca so she can keep using it or not, Cherry dips her head so she can run her tongue up her girlfriend's greedy puncture. Sliding beneath Rebecca to get a rightful pussy feast going, Cherry slides her hand between her thighs to prick as she eats her sustainer out. The climaxes that roll through each of them are the complete intercourse to each of their needs, and they keep it up until they are each someday moribund and satisfied. Back in the center of attention, Rebecca finds herself on her hands and knees with Cherry's guise buried between her ass cheeks. She feels the tongue inside her pussy and gets stinking on immediately.

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